Are you looking for a free video editing software or video editing app? Are you a beginner in video editing? If so, keep reading.

If all you need is a basic video editor, I might be able to help you find one that you can use. So you can quickly start sharing your video content on YouTube and other websites. With the right app, you too can create professional-looking videos.

Here are the 4 video editing software for beginners:

Windows Movie Maker

A free video editor from Microsoft. This is available for Windows 7 operating system. This is best for beginners because you can easily add titles, trim or cut videos. If quick edits are enough for your videos, this will do the job.

Pros: ● It is easy to use. This editor is best for YouTube ● Ideal software for photo slideshows as it can import multiple photos ● It also provides fun transitions when making a video for YouTube Cons: ● Advanced users should look elsewhere ● Limited options for editing videos ● Susceptible to crashing down ● Not Available on Windows 10

Virtual Dub

This free YouTube video editor is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. You can capture footage and assemble videos, as well as cut, resize, and trim video clips. Please note that only AVI file format is supported.

Pros: ● It can process large number of files to edit large YouTube video ● Overcome the problems associated with digital cameras, so after editing video, you can upload to YouTube ● DV capture from type 2 FireWire controllers is also supported by it ● Ability to develop a video file in Windows Bitmap file formats and it also supports the YouTube video formats

Cons: ● Insufficient editing power for advanced editing ● It cannot write MPEG-1 files


Make impressive YouTube videos through iMovie. A free video editing app for Mac users and ideal for beginners. No need to download a third-party editor because it comes free with your Mac computer. Users can crop, trim, and arrange video clips. Easily add titles, use visual effects, and edit audio files.

Pros: ● Shaky video can be fixed easily for YouTube editing ● Offers background music and great visual effects ● You can also change audio over a video clip Cons: ● Not as flexible as some PC video editors. ● Lacks multicam or motion tracking capabilities. ● Limited to two video tracks. VideoPad This video editing software works with both Macs and PCs. If all you need is an app that you can use quickly to edit videos for YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms, this is a fit. Pros: ● Intuitive and easy to learn ● Extensive YouTube, social media and mobile-output formats and specs

Cons: ● Lacks some advanced features like multicam editing and motion tracking ● Lacks a free slideshow creator As you’ve seen in the cons list, the free version of video editing software has technical limitations. But the features included in the free or trial version should be good enough to accomplish the needs of video editing beginners.

Which of the free video editing apps do you want to try?

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