Getting the best ROI from your corporate video production starts with having a final objective in mind and creating a budget and shopping for value. If you’re just interested in low prices you might as well hire a teenager with an iPhone. Think of it as shopping for a car, you have an idea of the type of car you want to buy, so being an economy car when you want to buy an SUV is really getting a better price. It’s making a compromise no one will be happy with. When purchasing a video start with a budget and strong idea of what you want and begin the conversation there.

We specialize in making corporate videos exciting. A great way to make a video interesting is to tell a compelling story. Motion shots, a compelling speaker, music and effects can bring energy to a video.

Have clear objectives. Write them down and be prepared to explain them to your team. Hire good a good production company or in-house team to execute your objectives and then trust them to do a great job. Sounds easy and is with great communication!

Some companies bid multiple vendors for a project but most of our clients are single bid from referrals, repeat business or good chemistry rather than cost. Make sure you have a discussion with the prospective company. What is their method, how many team members do they have, do they have time to finish your work on-schedule, are they within your budget – these are some good questions to ask. Most importantly you want to look at their portfolio, show examples of videos you like and make sure they are cheerfully up for the job.

Some video placement requires a predetermined length. Like commercials and platforms including Tik Tok. When creating a video on sites like YouTube they can be a lot longer but it’s important to keep your audience in mind. Most videos on the web shouldn’t be longer than a few minutes. This is a general rule and we’d be happy to discuss your current need.

Two to eight weeks is average for a corporate video. Social videos usually can be turned around much quicker. We can move as quickly as you can. We find that the most time-consuming part of making a client video is the approval process on the client-side. If you give us the greenlight we can turn around your project extremely quickly. We use project management tools that help is keep the project moving fast and help our clients give us fast and accurate feedback on the videos so a great final video can be delivered fast.

What’s your idea, where is it running, and how big is your company’s marketing budget? Only you can determine how much it makes sense to invest in your business’ project. Cost depends on the idea and the number of scenes, explosions and crew members required to get the job done. Give us a call and we can talk over your idea, your budget and how we can work with you to get your ideas on screen. Getting the best quality out of your budget is where our experience and expertise can be helpful.

Companies create many types of videos: product videos, event videos or marketing videos for their website or social media videos. Social media videos is the most popular type of video now for sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok. There are also videos produced to be shown at tradeshows, conferences and business presentations.

Stand-alone video production companies are the most common. These are freelancers or agencies that can be hired per job. Some are highly specialized and only create videos for a specific industry like healthcare or automobiles. Then there are video agencies that create and place the videos on social media and paid channels for clients. Lastly, there are ad and marketing agencies that produce in-house. Choosing the right one depends on which service you need.

We have produced for Fortune 500 companies including CNBC, Al Jazeera World and Qualcomm Inc. and for smaller businesses. We are able to produced high-end productions involving several months or those requiring only a few hours of filming or those that can be done completely in-house. We are passionate about creating great content for all our corporate and small business customers at various budget levels and would be happy to discuss your needs.