Islam is the most misunderstood religion and women are at the forefront of this misconception.  

The mainstream media would have us believe that the veil is always an imposition, an oppressive requirement of Islam.
Filmmaker Farheen Umar and her crew travel across the Muslim World to find out why some Muslim women take the veil while others don’t.

This film reveals what no other work on this subject has done before.  It looks at the practice of covering from diverse perspectives in different Muslim societies.
This film took three years to complete, and combines footage from Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and USA into a 50 minute documentary.

This documentary has broadcast on PBS USA network nationwide, widely covered by press and won “most popular” film accolade at Human Rights Film Festival Warsaw

FARAH (50 min)

Three year old Farah arrives to California from a war zone in Middle East. She is here without any family members and has to undergo reconstructive surgery. Through this ordeal Farah lives with a stranger American host family. After nine months it feels like they are Farah’s parents. But Farah has to return to her home town. How do her new found parents let her go back to a war zone?

Shot over five years this documentary is a personal journey in the lives of a courageous couple who are able to change the life of a child. It is a powerful emotional account of the amazing journey when you step forward to take care of children affected by displacement and war.

Documentary FARAH has broadcast on Aljazeera Documentary Channel
It went on to broadcast worldwide to 120 million homes and was translated in 3 languages



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