Questions to ask a video production agency before hiring

Congratulations on considering a professional video production company for your project!

If you’re like most business owners, you have very little experience in video production. But you know it’s important for your business and so here you are searching for tips on hiring a video production company because finding the right company can be tricky.

I believe finding the right company is like winning half of the battle already, do you agree?

By practicing due diligence before hiring a video partner, you can save yourself time, money, and headache (from missed deadlines).

So how to choose from tons of proposals from production agencies? Here are the questions to ask a video production agency:

  1. What is the estimated project cost and why?
    Finding a quality yet affordable (within your budget) video production agency is what you want to look for. A good video production agency will be able to give you a price quote and a breakdown of how they arrived at such a price.

    They will help you accomplish what you want for your project within your budget. You, on the other hand, must also take the time to understand why agencies charge what they do. So you can make the right judgment whether the price is right or not.

  2. How will the videos help me accomplish my goals?
    A good video production company will make an effort to understand your product and goals and suggest creative ways on the type of video content that will work best. Will show willingness to work with you to accomplish your purpose for the videos.

    Asking this question will also help you find out if the video production company understands video marketing. The ideas and concepts they will offer must have a purpose behind it. And that purpose must have something to do with a video marketing strategy. Furthermore, if they tell you how to measure the performance of your videos, they probably care about their work and their clients’ success.

  3. How do you produce videos process-wise?
    A good video producer will be happy to educate you about their production process and their video production services. And will guide you in understanding their process in layman’s terms. Don’t forget to ask them about edits and revisions and set expectations. Ask more questions if necessary.

    Through their answer, you can evaluate if their process is detailed. And if they can deliver on the promised timelines. And if you’re happy with their answers then you can proceed, otherwise, keep looking. Of course, choose an agency that you like to work with.

  4. Have you done a similar project in the past?
    While this is not crucial a production company that specializes in your industry has a higher chance to be a good fit. Given the experience and expertise gained from past projects. But it can work even if the agency hasn’t done something similar if you trust them, and they’ve got a proven track record of success in producing videos for a wide variety of industries.

    Just a caveat here, don’t be fooled by a stunning demo reel. It doesn’t guarantee your project’s success. Ask for examples of projects they’ve done for other clients in your industry. And even great if they can tell you how they were able to help past clients accomplish project goals.

  5. How interested are they about your project?
    You will know if the video production company has a real interest in your project by the way they ask questions. If they want to learn more and understand your product or service, they probably care about delivering quality work. They would welcome your ideas and concerns and share their own based on what works.

    This question will also help you see how creative they are and how passionate they are in their work. Working with people who are passionate about what they do will greatly affect the success of your project. Plus working with them will be an enjoyable experience.


If the video production company offers a free consultation, take advantage of it, and don’t be shy to ask questions and share your purpose for the videos you want to create and hear what they have to say.

Through the consultation, you’ll also get a feel on how they work and communicate with their clients. Because just like with any other projects, communication is a vital part to be successful.

It’s important to be an informed consumer, but don’t be so caught up with all those questions that you have to ask. Why?  Because I believe we all have this  “inner wisdom” others call it  “gut feeling”. Use it to your advantage. As they say, if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. So look elsewhere. All the best to you!


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