Getting the best ROI from your corporate video production starts with having a final objective in mind and creating a budget and shopping for value. If you’re just interested in low prices you might as well hire a teenager with an iPhone. Think of it as shopping for a car, you have an idea of the type of car you want to buy, so being an economy car when you want to buy an SUV is really getting a better price. It’s making a compromise no one will be happy with. When purchasing a video start with a budget and strong idea of what you want and begin the conversation there.

We have produced for Fortune 500 companies including CNBC, Al Jazeera World and Qualcomm Inc. and for smaller businesses. We are able to produced high-end productions involving several months or those requiring only a few hours of filming or those that can be done completely in-house. We are passionate about creating great content for all our corporate and small business customers at various budget levels and would be happy to discuss your needs.